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Smile Inside Celebratory Event and Exhibition

Having created and delivered this project in lockdown, it was incredible to be able to get all the work, storytellers, professional and community artists as well as the school children who got involved together (and socially distanced!!) It was overwhelming seeing everyone meeting each other, the quality, effort and thought that had gone into every element and the smiles it created. Our huge thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Emily Neighbours performance was beautiful and everyone appeared to enjoy the intergenerational dance workshop.

I loved the variation of all the art from these very colourful prints by Anna Garrett in response to Patrick's story in Mexico to Steve Skinley's beautiful illustration 'Model Maker' in response to Ken's story and Paul Wheeler's delicate textured pot in response to Dot's story. Our storytellers were clearly delighted and for many it was the first time out in many months, they loved meeting everyone and it clearly put a smile on their faces.

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