Studio 64

Studio 64 explores visual art and movement, seeking inspiration from both to promote creativity. This extraordinary group of older people want to experiment and explore, pushing on boundaries of their comfort zones they use a range of different starting points from poetry, music, nature and the body to create dances and art work. Always followed by a cup of tea, a piece of cake and a chat. Artists include Rachel Heard, Sam Perry and Sarah Gilmartin

The group is based at The Pound, Corsham and meets weekly on a Friday morning. We would love to welcome you to try it out. 

Studio 64 
Explore art and creativity in a safe environment with warm and friendly people. There is no need for any prior experience and no 'right' way of doing anything, you just need some curiosity and a little imagination!
Contact Sarah for more information
email or
call 07958774617
This project is kindly funded by Corsham Town, Corsham Health and Wellbeing Board and The Pound
Above: Using nature and Matisse as a staring point, Left(Top): Exploring Tai Chi and Chinese Calligraphy, Below: Looking at the body and the sensation of the body in space

iID is kindly funded and support by:

 Corsham Town Council & Corsham Health and Wellbeing Board

iID is a registered Charity registration number: 1182884

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