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iID Goes Online!

iID has launch two new online Zoom classes to engage with live classes and workshops as well as videos for you to follow in your own time. These sessions are all free of charge with thanks to the funding from Arts Council England and the National Lottery.

Kate's classes will be seated as we all have limited space at home (although you can adapt most elements to standing if you prefer) and so suitable for participants of Dance for Parkinson's Classes and Creative Seated Dance participants, but you don't need to have taken part before just email us at and we can send you the invites or links.


Dance is fantastic way to maintain and develop coordination, flexibility, and strength while working the heart and lungs as well as the mind. We are not able to utalise as many creative ideas and props as we would like at the moment but will of course still be using your favourite music to motivate us all.

Visual Art

Being creative is a fantastic way to express ourselves, be mindful, relieve stress or anxiety. We limited art resources Maria is being incredibly creative and inviting you to do the same by exploring the cupboards and boxes around your home to find materials to be creative with. So far she has raided the bathroom for nail varnish, the spice cupboard for Cumin and this week is hitting the fruit bowl! The results have been beautiful, textured and inspiring.

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