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When I think back on it now, it still makes me smile –


one of the chaps had heard about Vera Lynne singing,                                 

so they rigged it up, several people brought radios,

and we all stood around the tree singing White Cliffs of Dover.


my teacher forgetting to mute her microphone and singing on Zoom     

laughing with friends as we try to learn cool tricks at gymnastics

seeing my geography teacher’s infectious smile

the art room fashion show with my friends – and getting caught

my friend dropping her phone and getting wedged between the bus seats

me and my friends moving the ballet barre and Sally falling off with a bang!


When I think back on it now, it still makes me smile –


the recorded message from my granddaughter              

wishing me a happy birthday – she was so happy

and laughing so hard I couldn’t hear what she was saying.


Our 18 month old grandson giving me the biggest cuddle                             

my little old car, that knows its way to Sainsburys

dancing to old soul records on the radio on a Friday night

the way my neighbours are being kind to each other

my music, even if I’m in the bathroom

being with my family, trying to cook

dancing around with my husband


When I think back on it now, it still makes me smile –


we stopped for coffee, and by the time we got out,                                        

all I wanted to do was hold her hand,

we were like a pair of old shoes, we fitted together.


a picnic with friends in a field, the sun just setting                                            

thrifting for clothes with my friend Annabelle

seeing babies smile, my mum, and bedtime stories

having a fire and watching the sunset on the beach with friends

my friend giving me a jumper when it was cold, making me feel they care


When I think back on it now, it still makes me smile.

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