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All Creatures Make Us Smile


When my dog saw the sea at Chalmouth, and went straight in, through the waves.

The time I cleaned the toaster, and found toasted spider in the tray.


Vixen in the woodheap, three cubs lined up one day,

she told them to stay put, but one tried to run away.

Back over the fence she scrambled, caught him by the scruff,

lined him up again with the others, told him off in a foxy huff.


When two seagulls stole our croissants, as we fetched the tea from indoors

When my kitten Pablo attacks me, and I still adore his merciless claws


Two chinchillas in the kitchen, six-foot cage upon the floor,

one day I heard a scuffle, saw them bounce from wall to door –

they were just like the Red Arrows, flying through the air,

landed on the boiler, smiling smugly – what a pair!


When I dropped my new-baked brownies and the dog ate them off the floor.

When they soaped and bathed the donkey, and his big teeth smiled, e-aw!

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