What makes you Smile Inside?

We have been asking iID participants who are self-isolating at this time, what they think about that makes them smile.  They have kindly shared their stories and we have invited artists to create an artistic response drawing inspiration from the stories. We would like to invite you, their local community, to do the same. Can you create a piece of art inspired by one of the stories?  You could express this however you like for example a painting, sculpture, poem, collage, dance or song.  All the creative responses we receive will be given to the person who's story inspired the art work to help put a smile on their faces. 

Please choose a story to respond to below
When you have finished your art work please photograph or film it and email it to iidconsortium@gmail.com with your name and the name of the person who's story you have responded to so we make sure we get it to the right person. 
Here is a pack with all the stories and some ideas 

Smile Inside Stories 

& All the creative responses we have recieved so far...

Ellie Contreras oak-apple-day 1 (1).jpeg
Chatting Claire .jpg
Sea Rangers.jpg
5. Carmella.jpg
6. Iris Story - Maria Lima.JPG
3. Brenda.jpg
Sarah Roo Vera's garden.jpeg
Sophie Birthday Tea.jpg
11. Stephen.jpg
16. Eileen Charlie Betts 2.jpeg
Gladys by Maria Lima.JPG
'Laredo - Mexico City - Acapulco, 1972',

Commissioned artist Diana Burch has created this beautiful costume for Emily Neighbour to perform in at our celebratory event in Woking on 25th September. She has printed images from all our stories on each scarf. We can not wait to see it move

Smile Inside is a project developed in response to Covid-19 to connect, engage and support iID’s participants and their communties at this time when we can not meet with them or deliver our usual projects or weekly sessions.  

We are particularly trying to engage with people whole have no access to the internet / any technology and who live on their own. It is based on asking people to share a story with us that makes them smile inside and invite artists and their community to create a response to their story that we can share with them. At the end of this, when social distancing permits, we will hold a celebration and invite everyone who has contributed to come together to meet each other and celebrate the stories and the creativity they have inspired. This project is funded by ACE Emergency Respond Fund

What makes you Smile Inside? Do you have a story you would like to share with us to help inspire others to be creative and smile inside?

If you would like to share a story with us or know someone who would please emal iidconsortium@gmail.com

iID is kindly funded and support by:

 Corsham Town Council & Corsham Health and Wellbeing Board

iID is a registered Charity registration number: 1182884

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